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Below, you’ll find a curated selection of upcoming events we’re hosting, opportunities we’re offering, and recent articles from our blog, all dedicated to the enriching world of LAS education.

For our events, advance registration is typically required and they are open to everyone with an interest in LAS education, irrespective of institutional affiliation. Our events are categorized into three distinct types:

  1. Public Gatherings: These are 90-minute events featuring a guest speaker. The format often includes an interactive presentation or a panel discussion, offering a platform for lively exchange and insights.

  2. Public Conversations: Spanning 60 minutes, these are in-depth and interactive discussions centered around topics or concerns crucial to the global state of LAS education.

  3. Workshops: Focused on the practical aspects of ‘doing’ LAS education, these 90-minute sessions are interactive and delve into technical elements, providing hands-on experience.

Post-event, we archive and share the slideshows for those interested. However, please note that recordings of the events are not available to the general public. We welcome ideas for future events and encourage prospective guest speakers to reach out to us through the LAS Collab platform to discuss potential collaborations.

Additionally, we offer small awards in annual cycles to support initiatives in the liberal arts and sciences, providing further opportunities for engagement and development in this field.

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